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KUOCO 360º food

(From it. Cuoco, next. Cook)

Like its name, it is the house of a chef without borders, who every day brings us signature creations from the 360 ​​degrees of the planet.

In our concept, the main protagonist is flavor.

With the team of its creator, Chef Rafa Bergamo, we seek to mix ingredients without any type of borders and we are faithful and respectful to the sustainable product that we find in the 360 ​​degrees of the earth, thus we achieve an explosion in each bite.

Accompanying the flavor, the sight and the smell are not neglected, since the aesthetics of the dish and its aromas are carefully studied to follow the logical line that allows diners to travel and enjoy multiple cultures and trends at the hands of Andrés Correa and the room team.

There are no limits in this concept, it is 360 food, it is a complete fusion of the planet, product by product, plate by plate.

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